President Lauds Police efforts in curbing smuggling of illicit drugs


Somaliland President H.E Musa Bihi Abdi on Thursday has paid a courtesy call to SL police force  headquarters and praised the efforts which led to the seizure of various illicit drugs including alcohol which is outlawed in SL. Police Commissioner, Mohmed Saqadhi Dabagale has unveiled the police strategy put in place by SL police force in a bid to curb the smuggling of illicit drugs in SL. The police chief said that various drugs seized during security operations. The President of SL has emphasized the police role in preventing the flow of illegal drugs and the security of the country. He called upon police officers to uphold justice once community members approach police stations. Under the new leadership spearheaded by police commissioner, SL police conducted operations aimed at curbing smuggling of illegal drugs in SL. Drug smugglers sneak into SL illicit drugs including weed, alcohol, meth drugs. Somaliland is a country that prohibits the selling and consumption of drugs according the Islamic tenets.




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