Somaliland-President Attends the burial of late Obsi



The Head of State, Musa Bihi Abdi, on Friday, has attended the funeral of late Colonel Abdilahi Egge Muse aka Obsi , who passed away yesterday in Hargeisa and has been laid to rest today. The president speaking on behalf of his government and Somaliland populace sent yesterday a sincere condolences over the passing of the late Colonel Obsi. The late Obsi was a veteran in the armed struggle that SNM engaged against the military government in Somalia. He will be revered for his role in that struggle and the reconstruction and re-pacification of Somaliland after the war. He served as member of Somalia’s Air Force which ceased its function in 1991 after the central government of Somalia was ousted. He once served as deputy minister for internal affairs during the late president Egal’s administration. Today, he was laid to rest at Sheikh Nuur cemetery that lies in the east of Hargeisa. The chair of Wadani opposition party, Abdirahman Irro and other gov’t officials were in attendance.


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