Police responds to accusations of beating a female journalist


Police responded to allegations of beating a female journalist Hodo Gareys at a police station in Hargeisa.

Police put all the blame on her and accused that she did not take the police officers orders.

Faisal Heis, the spokesman of SL police shed light on how the incident took place and said the female journalist drove her car forcefully into the police station last Friday while ignoring the directives from the on duty police officers.

The police told that Hodo Gareys picked up a fight with the police officers. Several of them sustained injuries including female police officer.

Hodo Gareys who is a female journalist accused SL police of beating her and her mother after they went to report a case to the police station.

Hodo said that she and her mother sustained injuries on the body.

SL opposition party condemned police brutality and said that it was a shameful act.


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