Mediation efforts aim to resolve Somalia’s electoral impasse makes major breakthrough



Diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving Somalia’s election crisis on Wednesday as the government and opposition groups have made a major breakthrough in seeking resolution to the two sides’ mutual mistrust and differences. The attempt to mediate comes amid tensions that exploded in street violence when the opposition figures led anti government protests and marched the streets as the security forces opened fire on them. According to the mediation team, the two sides have agreed to hold face-to-face meeting and have dinner at Decale hotel to hold further talks. Council of presidential candidates, Somalia’s PM plus the regional leaders of Galmudug and Hirshable will be in attendance. Somalia’s PM, Roble has accepted one of the demands from the opposition groups. The opposition said that the government must condemn of the 19th February incident and must apologize. They have said that the government must allow the opposition to hold anti- government rallies. The opposition figures also demanded that they should also be allowed to attend the consultative meetings aimed at resolving the current electoral impasse. Somalia’s PM has said that he accepted the demands from the opposition groups but the invitation to attend the meetings rest on the shoulders of the president. There is a political and election crisis that Somalia is currently experiencing and what made the matter worse is that the term in office of Somalia’s incumbent president expired on 8th February.



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