Media & Human Rights Lobbyists decries government of muzzling press freedom in Somaliland


Ms. Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Staff Writer

HARGEISA–The government of Somaliland is implicated of obstructing local reporters to have access government news information. Media associations & Human rights lobbyists have leveled an accusation against the government saying that it is censuring news which is meant to muzzle and gag the freedom of the press in Somaliland. The chairperson of Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA), Hon. Mohamud Abdi Jama has sent a clear message to the government saying that journalism law does not allow government to send censured news for dissemination.

Mr. Jama has further said that the government says that reporters do not work with them although the media always air their grievances against the government. The chairman has stated that this has never happened since Somaliland’s inception 27 years ago. Hon. Jama called on the government to show a high sense of maturity in dealing with reporters as they have the right to report. SOLJA chairman has further added that reporters are always on duty to cover government news but the government block them to have access to the functions. The chairman of Human Rights Center in Somaliland has also echoed his Solja counterpart that is unacceptable the government to keep the reporters away and to send censured news to media outlets. Hon. Gulied has asserted that news censorship is outlawed in Somaliland constitution and the international law. Mr. Gulied urged the government to allow practicing journalists to have access to govt functions so that they should have information that has not been censured. He also called on the government led by president Bihi to respect that journalists and reporters do their daily day job.




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