James Swan holds talks with Somaliland President



Musa Bihi Abdi, Somaliland President met with the UN Special Representative to Somalia, James Swan, who is on a working visit to Hargeisa for the past couple of days.

The upcoming parliamentary and city council elections was high on the agenda of the meeting, according to UNSOM.

James Swan noted after a meeting with president Musa Bihi Abdi the world support for the people of Somaliland and hailed the forthcoming polls.

The UN Special Representative to Somalia expounded that all SL parties look forward to these election and also look forward to NEC’s mission, work facilitation, and successful elections at the end of May.

James said: ” I am pleased to learn of the progress towards both parliament and local elections. All of SL partners look forward to these elections. We welcome confirmation this week by the Guurti that elections will be held on the 31st of May. All indications from the National Electoral Commission are the technical work in preparation for the elections is well-advanced. Voter registration has been a major exercise but has been carried out in a comprehensive manner reaching out across the regions. We look forward to NEC work facilitation for successful elections at the end of May. I urge an inclusive and transparent election.”

UN envoy visited yesterday the headquarters of SL national election commission and held talks with some of the commissioners.

He noted that all indications from the NEC that there technical work and preparations is well advanced and the voter registration drive has been a major exercise but has been conducted in a comprehensive manner reaching out across the region.

The Guurti on Tuesday confirmed that the parliamentary and local council election to be held on 31st of May this year as proposed by the president, the electoral commission and the political parties.

The main political parties hailed Guurti’s move which confirmed the date of elections as previously announced by NEC.


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