VP President Opens National Rain water Harvesting Meeting


SL VP Abdirahman Sayli’i has launched the National Rain Water Harvesting meeting.

Government officials participated the launching ceremony including the water resources minister.

The meeting is expected to restore hope of the public to benefit from rain water during the rainy season.

VP noted that there is a need for the community to harvest water and this program is a comprehensive one to educate the community on the benefits of rain water.

Sayli’i said: ” It is important that we take advantage of annual rain. Every year we receive a good amount of water. We experience consecutive droughts sometimes and we receive rain. It depends on the climate change.”

Water resources minister, Mohmed Derie emphasized the paramount of using rain water during the country’s rainy season.

He pledged the ministry will unveil the project on other parts of SL.

Derie said: ” We extend this project to other parts of the nation by conducting public awareness and through government directives. As gov’t officials, we will not only be sharing ideas for the public but we shall be informative and give directions to our community. The project aims to identify traditional ways of conserving water system, technical and socio-economic factor for evaluating, planning and deciding rain water harvesting project so as the public increase agricultural productivity.


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