The Minister of the Environment hails the Ministry of Information for championing tree planting efforts


The Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance has depicted its unmatched championing in planting trees amongst the premises of all government ministries, agencies and institutions in the country.

This was the observation made by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Somaliland Hon. Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare on Wednesday when she toured the information ministry.

The Minister of Information Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan) who was flanked by the Deputy Minister Hon. Syed Hassan Habbane and the Director General of the Ministry, Mustafa Abdi Isse (Shiine), welcomed Hon. Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare to the headquarters of the Ministry of Information as she paid a courtesy call and inspected the forestation endevours of the ministry.

She hailed Hon. Ali Hassan for his personal fete in planting the trees by noting that he had left such a legacy at the water ministry during his stint at there.

Minister Shukri highlighted that she appreciated the plan and action of the Ministry of Information to plant a large number of trees that were spread widely around the vast compound of the ministry’s headquarters.

The Minister of Information Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed, said that on the 15th of this month, the ministry of information participated in the reforestation campaign led by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, by planting in its compound 560 trees of assorted species, a move will contribute to combating the global warming and climate change.

“We are very happy because when I see a tree planted, I am happy. Indeed, the Ministry of Information has made a change by planting trees in the ministry”, she said.

“I congratulate the Minister and greatly honour the ministry for achieving such a wonderful fete”, she added. She noted that the number of trees planted was a whopping 500 tree seedlings.

On the same note, she praised the information minister for having paved paths at the ministry’s headquarters with 7k marbles and asphalt in quite a short while that he has been at the helm of the information ministry.

Minister Shukri pointed out that the Ministry of Information has onerous tasks and heavy duty to the nation in being the main rapportoire bridging the people and their government and as the mirror of the nation of Somaliland.


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