Gov’t Holds High-level Economic Forum to Hear Ideas to Be Incorporated in Plans, Programs


Addis Ababa September 04/2018 The government of Ethiopia is committed to hear any policy ideas and incorporate them in the plans and programs of the country by taking into consideration the objective reality, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen said.

While opening the first High Level Economic Forum under the theme “Short and Long Term Challenges and Prospects of Ethiopia’s Growth Target and Structural Transformation Ambitions” today, he stated that the government is striving to speed up its economic transformation and renaissance through attaining key macroeconomic inputs.

It is necessary to support government decision-making bodies in scientific ways to solve challenges, limitations and opportunities with the participation of the concerned bodies so that it could be possible to formulate successful policy measure, he added.

Demeke noted that the half-day forum is a good beginning to get inputs for policy measures.

Furthermore, the deputy premier reiterated that this forum would create opportunities to identify challenges that the national economy face and develop structural changes in short, medium and long terms.

Over the past years, achievements have been registered in economic and social sectors, he said, adding that yet the performances are low and many challenges constrain the sectors, according to Demeke.

Minister in charge to National Planning Commission, Eyob Tekalign said it is crucial to evaluate the economic growth performance of the country by taking into account the regional and international objective situations.

Noting that the national development goal is a collective enterprise, he added that all concerned bodies should play their roles to solve the challenges the country faces.

Participants of the forum said it is important to improve the economic policy, improve the financial system and quality of export as well as enhance foreign trade capacity of exporting companies.

Global Chairman of Fairfax Africa Fund, Zemedeneh Negatu said organizing forums like this would help to discuss what policy measures need to be revised, if any, and to sustain the growth Ethiopia has achieved over the past two decades.

“Now we have large economy, especially that one designed to be export-led. The trend for export is not good and declining. So the question is why? How can we reverse that? That is the whole purpose of this debate,” he added.

High-level government officials, economic experts, development partners and investors attended the forum.



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