Fraudulent trickster who uses witchcraft nabbed at city hotel


By M.A. Egge

The national police force has nabbed a conman trickster who practice and uses magical sorcery in his art of thievery.

The anti-crime branch who had to use deep cover in tracking the culprit for a while and were at last able to apprehend fraudster Hamza Yusuf Mohamed who had been holed on a local city hotel that he has reside in for the past couple of years.

He was arrested at the hotel and was found in possession of a pistol, several golden artifacts blended with lead, sorcery crafts, 17 simple and 5 smart phones, 25 women handbags, numerous Somaliland national identity cards and assorted of worthy documents belonging to civilians.

The culprit is currently held at the central Police Station.

The police department is notifying those who think that they might have lost their item fraudulently to the culprit to visit the station and verify them.


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