FGS insists on the consultative meeting to take place in Garowe.



Somalia’s Federal Gov’t has insisted on its decision to hold the upcoming consultative meeting in Garowe which will discuss the political impasse.

Somalia’s information minister, Osman Dubad, said that Puntland is enjoying a period of peace and stability to host the meeting over the electoral dispute.

The minister stressed that the SFG is committed to hold elections in the country and has received information calling for change forum venue and the SFG is repeating for the public that the consultative meeting forum will take place in Garowe.

On the other hand, the Federal Gov’t has welcomed the outcome of the UN Security Council meeting over Somalia which concluded this week and urged the political stakeholders to resume the talks urgently and to work together in the interest of the people of Somalia.

President Farmajo’s call for the forum was welcomed by both Jubaland & Puntland leaders and were adamant that the meeting will take place in Mogadishu not Garowe.

Both Puntland and Jubaland leaders called on the Federal Gov’t to invite other political stakeholders to the consultative meeting.


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