Auditor General investigates Three local councils in Somaliland



HARGEISA– The office of Somaliland’s Auditor General said that it conducted a thorough probe into graft allegations against three local councils in Somaliland.

Both Berbera and Burao mayors are said to be embarked on unprecedented efforts to make sure that misappropriation did not take place in their offices as far as investigation is concerned. Gebiley mayor, Hon. Mohamed is anxious over the the launch of the probe. A survey reveals that local municipalities are the most corrupt government institutions in Somaliland. The office of auditor general is doing a good job at the moment since the incumbent president, Bihi has pledged to clean corruption and graft from his administration. There was a norm in the country where previous administrations failed to bring gov’t officials accused of committed of corruption to be brought before trail for their crimes.



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