A person suspected of having COVID-19 passes away in Garowe



A man who has been in quarantine center in Garowe town of North Eastern Somalia for four days had passed away on last Saturday evening.

The deceased who returned from Ethiopia was quarantined in Garowe upon arrival in the town.

Accoding to sources, the man underwent test but died before results were released.

It is believed that the person might have succumbed to the deadly coronavirus.

Puntland authority has not officially commented on the circumstances surrounding the death of the person.

Deputy Director at Garowe General Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Abdirashid confirmed the death of the man who was in quarantine center.

The official did not so far clarified whether the man died of the COVID-19 which hit worst in many countries in the world.

The director did not cite the name of the deceased. The patient whose identity was concealed is reported to have arrived from Ethiopia and was put in quarantine center after he had mild fever, and coughing sings which are linked to the coronavirus which is the cause of COVID-19.

A video footage was believed to be the deceased in a pick up truck with masked doctors has been wildly spread in social media but it was quite hard to confirm the authenticity of the video.

The Federal and the local authorities have not commented on the matter.

Somalia does not have COVID-19 testing center but relies upon a testing center run by WHO based in Kenya.

Somalia’s health minister, Dr. Fozia Abukar said Saturday the country was expecting to set up a testing center and equipment ready in 21 days.


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