Somaliland: National Preparedness Committee on Covid-19 Receives Medical Equipment



National Preparedness Committee on Covid-19 confirmed on Thursday that they have finally received medical supplies in a bid to combat the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic in Somaliland.

The Committee said the equipment was bought by the government but took longtime to reach the capital Hargeisa due to lock down measures in place.

The equipment contains ventilators, face masks, hand sanitizers and cover all suits to protect people from the droplets from coughs, sneezes and other body fluids for infected patients and contaminated services that may infect them.

Officials said that the medical supplies cost around 2, 000 US dollars and more equipment are on the way to Somaliland.

The minister of religious affairs of Somaliland said despite the delay of the equipment to arrive here, it would be helpful to the community and in the fight against coronavirus as well as serving for the public.


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