The largest gas ship docks in Berbera Port as SOMGAS center is launched


An event to usher in the largest gas ship to dock in Somaliland was held in the city of Berbera, the capital of the Sahel region.

Officials of the Sahel Region and the Minister of Investment, Environment and Climate Change, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce participated in the ceremony that also saw the launching of the SOMGAS Center in Berbera City.

The event was attended by businessmen, scholars, dignitaries and other eminent personalities.

The senior management officials of both Telesom and Somgas, who spoke at the event, highlighted the importance of gas as a commodity that would put in check environmental degradation and at the same time save the forests.

The mayor of Berbera Abdisharkur Mohamud Hassan (Cidin) and the governor of Sahil Ali Abdi Abdilahi (Ali ‘ase), similarly underscored the importance of the project for the care and protection natural forests and habitat.

An official from the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Somaliland gave details about the significance of the project that will be beneficial to the country, pointing out the government support for the venture.

Lastly the industries and investments minister Hon. Abdirisaq Ibrahim Mohamed praised the officials of the Telesom Company for their good role in the development projects of the country.

He appealed to importers of both oil and gases to be wary of the purchasing powers of the populaces hence sell their products considerately.


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