The Government of Djibouti calls on its pensioners to report to the embassy


The government of the Republic of Djibouti has notified its pensioner citizens living in the Republic of Somaliland to report to the Embassy of Djibouti in the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa.

Ambassador Hussein Omar Kawaleye called on the citizens of Djibouti who reside within Somaliland and receive pensions to reach the embassy.

For incapacitated senior citizens who may not be capable of reaching the embassy the ambassador urged them to send recorded video clips as confirmation of their heeding to the call.

“I am sending a call to the people of Djibouti living in anywhere in Somaliland who are receiving pensions to reach the embassy”, he told Horn Cable TV, and added, “there are officials from the Djibouti pension office who will do the needful serving you until December 29”.

Ambassador Kawaleye said that based on the policy of the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh and his government, they have made it easier for citizens to get pension funds, and he urged on the Djibouti community to respond to the call.

He called on the citizens of Djibouti to send the videos of those who cannot come to the Embassy WhatsApp numbers 0025377854747, 0025377870208 or 00252633155159.


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