The Mogadishu government would rather see terrorism fledge than witness Somaliland gain it’s deserved international recognition, says President Bihi


As he addressed all Somali-speaking world during Eid ul Fitr celebrations on how Somalia went berserk upon seeing Somaliland inching closer towards achieving its aspirations


The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi joined the congregation of Muslims on Wednesday at the main Jamia Central Mosque, Hargeisa, in observing the Idd ul Fitr prayers in celebrating the end of the perennial fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan by Muslims the world over.

The Head of State expressed his shock and dismay that the Mogadishu government would rather see terrorism fledge than witness Somaliland gain it’s deserved international recognition, as the country inches closer towards achieving its justifiable and deserved aspirations.

He gave the sentiments as he attended the annual Eid ul Fitr prayers with multitudes of believers who prayed at the main mosque in the capital Hargeisa and passionately addressed the congregation at the end of the prayers on various issues on diverse aspects.

He opened his speech by first praying that the month-long steadfastness in fasting, praying, worshipping and good deeds during Ramadan may be accepted.

He sent a message of goodwill and greetings to all Muslims around the globe before addressing all Somali-speakers wherever they were as concerns the justifications of the right of Somaliland nation and its people on their rights and aspirations.

While underscoring the initial goodwill that Somalilanders had during the struggles of independence, their love for brethren-ship with the larger Somali community spurred them to make a formidable unity with Somalia upon being the first Somali-peaking nation to frre itself from colonial yokes.

The President noted that when the ill-fated union was dissolved due to constant injustices perpetrated by the Italian south, the Mogadishu administration has gone berserk with every step towards Somaliland has taken, the epitome of which was most vivid when Somaliland entered an MoU understanding with its neighbor, Ethiopia.

The President noted that it is with shocking amazement that “the realization has dawned that Somalia would rather see and opt for the further perpetuation and nurturing of terrorism rather than witness Somaliland achieve its aspirations”.

President Musa was quite categorical, as he specifically addressed all Somali-speaking people, that such rogue inhibitions and ill-will depicted by Somalia as it goes berserk with rants will be in futility.

He was convictional that Somaliland will go ahead to chart its future as it has always done without fear of intimidations from any quarters.


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