Somaliland government will continue bolstering further bilateral relations with Ethiopia, says Information Minister Ali Marehaan


Somaliland always played a role in seeing to safe neighborhood and stable security in the region


The government of Somaliland has not always been bolstering its relations with its neighbouring country of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, but is convicted to fortify them in as far as the economic, stability, security and bilateral relations are concerned.

The sentiments were underscored by the Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance, who also holds the portfolio of spokesperson-ship of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan) during a luncheon held in honour of the new Somaliland ambassador to Ethiopia Adan Geedi Qayaad, courtesy of deputy health minister Hon. Liban Yusuf Gahnuug.

The minister explained at length the competitive interests that several countries have in tapping the vast economical opportunities that the gigantic nation of Ethiopia has given that it is a land-locked country that has a whopping population of more than 120 million people.

The minister pointed out that the close cooperation that both nations have, cherish and expect to maintain is deep-rooted.

He observed that it was in the context of sustaining and fledging the status quo of the neighbouring countries that the Head of state saw it appropriate to appoint such an experienced person with esteemed maturity to take the mantle of advancing the relations to further heights.

Hon. Ali Mareehan stated that all the Horn of African countries were eyeing the robust Ethiopian economy hence were competing to tap the market since it was a land-locked nation. He said that of all competitors, the nation of Somaliland was in the best position given the long borders that it shared with Ethiopia that has strategic major towns dotting both sides, that’s why the country maintains and advances its cooperation. He said that the Ethiopian government is indeed justified in preferring Somaliland for its engagements in bilateral relations for the best interests of both countries because of the strategic chances and opportunities that it has palpated that are much better than options of other countries, in consideration of infrastructural advantages and proximities.

He noted that the main cities of the Somali state of Ethiopian Somali state of Jigjiga was almost 50km only from the frontier vibrant town of Tog-wajaale which is along the major Berbera-Hargeisa-Addis Ababa Highway, otherwise known as the Berbera corridor.

He further explained that all other strategically economical cities such as Dire Dawa and Herer were along the highway or in the vicinity, such as Ferfer.

The minister said that given the opportunities of other ports such as those in Puntland, Mogadishu, Kismayu or Mombasa in Kenya, the Berbera port boasted the best chances given its strategically geographical position and how adjacent and in proximity it is situated vis-à-vis the major commercial and economical Ethiopian towns.

Hon. Ali Marehaan wondered why the Somalia administration is bitter when Somaliland advances its commercial, economic and security relations with Ethiopia, given that it has always been there and is indeed historical.

He characterized the Somalia chagrin to Somaliland’s agreement with Ethiopia as being one out of jealousy spite since Somalia itself is in the competition in wanting a chunk of the commercial economic opportunities for their own purposes.

He said that it was pointless and untenable for Somalia to propagate seeds of discord between the communities of the two nations following the Somaliland-Ethiopia agreement in fanning tribal sentiments to evoke imaginary historical hostilities.

On the other hand, the minister underpinned the major role Somaliland lays in maintaining stability of security along its borders including that of Djibouti that sees to it that normal cross-border cooperation and relations goes on procedurally in peaceful scenario all through.

He said that Somaliland is strengthening its security relations with the countries of Ethiopia and Djibouti.

He was unequivocal that maintaining stability with the neighbouring countries was pre-requisite for the healthy economical, commercial and security stability for all the people of the nations concerned.


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