Somalia reveals that they are behind the perpetrated allied war in Las Anod


The government, political parties and society must work together to prevent the traps that Somalia is plotting


The government of Somalia has revealed the role they significantly played in the war of the allied groups last year in the town of Las Anod, which caused untold number of deaths and injuries.

It has been learnt from reliable sources that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia Mr. Ahmed Maalin Fiqi, held a secret meeting with a group of clerics living in the United States of America beseeching them to help thwart the implementation of the MoU agreement that was signed earlier in the beginning of this year by both the governments of Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Mr. Fiqi reportedly told the clerics that it has prioritized the forestalling of the MoU hence briefed them on the virulent efforts his government had gone as far as the clandestine efforts was concerned.

It is noteworthy to state that he told the clerics that the MoU signing was an event that totally came to them as a surprising shock, contradicting Somalia’s own testament that they were all along privy to the bilateral agreement hence had cautioned Somaliland’s President from going ahead with it.

He notably pointed out that Somalia had luckily had to supportively strengthen the Las Anod war, without which, the United States was on the verge of recognizing Somaliland.

“Luckily, if we do not win the battle of Las Anod, Somaliland was on the verge of being recognized by the United States”, he reportedly beamed.

Mr. Fiqi said that the non-permanent seat of the Security Council occupied by Somalia “will be of great help in confronting the opposition to the agreement and the recognition of Somaliland”.


Mr. Fiqi urged the clerical groups to gather their resourcefulness and strength to persuade the officials and leaders of the United States of America in being against the Somaliland – Ethiopia agreement.

As for perpetuating clandestine insurgency within Somaliland, Minister Fiqi is quoted as claiming that Somalia have made a lot of efforts in Somaliland in virulently prevailing upon the communities across the board to vehemently oppose the MoU, efforts whose activities, he said, are going on smoothly.

The government, the opposition parties and all the populaces at large, are required to work in solidarity and togethers to thwart the gross flouting of the integrity and the security of the nation and preserve the unity of the nation.

The government is said to be concerned and wary of the statement of the Mr Fiqi and the new policy of the President of Somalia who had publicly said that he will enter into dialogue with the al Shabaab terrorist group and seek their support, a matter that Somaliland will deal with through diplomatic channels with friendly countries and the world at large.


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