Somaliland’s political support to Taiwan elicits mixed feelings by China


The government has promised to defend the borders of the country

Hargeisa – Somaliland moral and political support to Taiwan has elicited Chinese response with mixed feelings.

In retort to a tweet by Somaliland foreign ministry as to the need of respect for sacrosanct territorial integrity, the Chinese ambassador to Somalia acknowledged it but in the same breath was naïve and undiplomatic enough as to assume that sovereign borders were oblivious if they weren’t tribal.

Whereas the government of Somaliland has always vowed to safeguard its borders at all costs, it has been persistently reiterating the fact hence has similarly supported Taiwanese aspirations, sovereignty and democratic principles.

The government has underlined that it is committed to defending against foreign terrorists who attack the country’s borders, and its stances against China’s provocations in Taiwan.

A statement from the JSL Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which broadcast a message on its Twitter account yesterday, said that Somaliland stands by Taiwan’s democracy.

“A country’s existing national borders are to be respected and protected against terrorism infiltration or external threats, but #China’s drills are, in fact, breaking the #TaiwanStrait status quo Somaliland stands strong with Taiwan and are united with fellow democracies. MFASomaliland”.

The Chines tweet retort was “Thank you for your support. National borders must be respected, but don’t make oneself a laughingstock by making “national borders” where there is none. Common sense families don’t draw borders inside a house. China Somalia Amb.”

His response has taken many political pundits with aback given the insinuation that tribal lines make states and nations.

Taiwan, on the other hand, thankfully welcomed Somaliland’s foreign department’s tweet with acknowledgement and thanked it for standing by them.

It vowed not to bow by giving in to Chinese bulling or pressure. It’s Somaliland Embassy tweet read:

“#China’s drills are destabilizing the #IndoPacific & wrecking the #TaiwanStrait status quo. #Taiwan reaffirms its resolve to never kowtow to China’s authoritarian regime. We thank Somaliland and like-minded partners for the concerted deterrence against such aggression. Taiwan in Somaliland”.

It noted that China’s maneuvers are destabilizing the Indo-Pacific region and destroying the status of the Taiwan Strait. It reaffirmed its determination to never bow down to China’s authoritarian rule.


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