Somaliland: CID summons Waddani Party livestock development secretary for interrogations



The Wadani party’s development secretary was informed by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that there is a summon against him lodged by the minister of livestock development, Saed Sulub, in which he needs to respond and to be held responsible for its consequences in a media briefing held on Thursday shortly after the secretary has paid a visit to the CID headquarters in Hargeisa.

Dr. Shukri confirmed for the local reporters that this summon was lodged against him by the livestock minister.

According to Wadani party secretary, the minister was extremely dismayed by the fierce critics and the constructive comments made by him against the livestock ministry development of Somaliland.

Dr. Shukri said: “The only reason which the flag of this national party is waving across the country is because we have the right to speak out strongly against any wrong doings made by the gov’t. This party cannot be silenced by a leader, a minister, or the CID. The CID & the police forces are not here to prosecute people but they are servicemen and they have the right to be collaborated whenever they request questions concerning us.”

The summon against the secretary of livestock development was rumored to be associated with a fierce critics against the minister of livestock in which the secretary talked about a ship carrying large number of livestock in which the Saudi authority has denied entry over its territory and returned back to Somaliland costing huge economic loss to business people in the country.

This is not the first time for the record whereby the officials of Somaliland government have lodged summons against opposition officials.


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