Somaliland: Berbera Corridor Project Manager Resigns



The recently appointed project manager for the construction of Berbera Corridor Highway, Eng. Mohamud Abdi Mohamed Dhudhi has tendered his resignation.

In an official letter to Abu Dhabi Fund for Development dated on June 3rd 2020, Somaliland president Musa Bihi Abdi has named Eng. Mohamud Dhudhi to become project manager in which the UAE implemented Berbera corridor.

The resignation of Dhudhi is linked to a reconcilable differences with the minister of road and transport, Abdilahi Abokor, who insisted on the newly appointed team in charge of Berbera Corridor to report to directly under his command.

The official letter president Bihi sent to Abu Dhabi Fund for development has not cited a role for the road and transport ministry, instead that the team would directly report to President Bihi.

The grievances of the intervention from minister Abdilahi Abokor reached president Bihi along with an offer to resign.

President Bihi has accepted Mr. Dhudhi’s resignation and replaced him with former national electoral commission chair, Isse Yusuf Mohamed Hamari.

President Bihi was discontented with the progress of Berbera corridor highway where only 12 km was so far accomplished since the project started almost a year ago.


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