Somaliland National Exams Kick Off, As President & top officials supervise the exercise



High & intermediate school examinations in Somaliland started smoothly across the nation with the president inspected the opening of the exams in Hargeisa, today. The education, foreign affairs, deputy interior, information ministers, police commissioner, head of examination board accompanied the Head of State during the supervision exercise. The President of the republic, H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has opened the exam papers for high and intermediate students at Sheikh Ali Ibrahim school which lies next to Radio Hargeisa. The president graduated from Sheikh Ali Ibrahim more than 53 years ago and urged all examination staffers and the students to comply with the rules and regulation.
He reminded that the nation threw a lot of time and energy into the examinations. 
The Education ministry has said that 30,000 students are attending the national exams in nationwide. The president told the students that their future is in their hands and they have to shape what the future would look like for them and the role that they are expected to play. President Musa congratulated on the students who have sat for the exams and he narrated that he also took the same exams in 1966. He said that he did not have breakfast and did not have a good night sleep just the night before the exams he took on the next day. He encouraged the students not to fear from the exams and reminded that may be some of you hadn’t had breakfast. The president has deplored the state of education in Somaliland where 80 percent of the public send their kids to public schools while the 20 percent go to private schools and pay high fees. He said that his sons are currently working at Hargeisa hospital and pledged that all people should have equal education and healthcare. He urged them to show high sense of patriotism, confidence, and to work towards Somaliland unity. He announced that the government is reviewing the country’s education system in Somaliland is underway. He reiterated that students from the poor and rich will sit for the same exams.


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