Somaliland government shares dossier with UNSC on Las Anod crisis


Allied insurgency and invasion groups have prepared a plan to disrupt the security of Somaliland and the entire Horn of Africa region.

These charges contained in a dossier with evidences has been submitted to the UN Security Council by the government of Somaliland.

A France 24 television latest program on the Las Anod crisis aired last week 20 April 2023 made the revelations.

In interviews it conducted in the country, it met the with the prisoners captured in the war who vouched for humane treatment in captivity.

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed noted in the interview, “Alliances of armies from Al-Shabaab, Puntland and Somalia had planned and are behind the start of the Las Anod war.”

Minister Kahin presented evidences that the government of Somaliland shared with the Security Council.

“This (Abdi Madobe) is the leader of al Shabaab group in Las Anod area”, he pointed at a page.

Pages in the dossier depicted evidences of the Somali and Puntland armies engaged in the battles hence fully documented.

Minister Kahin accused the allied groups of wanting to create instability and the destruction of Somaliland.

An expert from the International Crisis Group (ICG) Nicolas Delaunay observed that they have made many contacts with different sources to confirm that these forces indeed participated in the war in a tribal way.


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