Garaad guleed Ashuur accorded grand reception at Adhi Adeeye


The chief traditional leader of the Fiqishin clans Garaad Guleed Ashur Warsame was accorded a grand reception at Adhi-Adeeye district of the Sool region, where he went on a peaceful tour to observe the situation of the community.

Community leaders in the Sool region, district officials and members of the community, including elders, women, youths and youths, escorted him with hilarious and deafening ululations in a similarly grand entrance from the streets of Gumays, Samo-Kaab village to Adhi-Adeeye.

At a large event held in the town square, he thanked the people for their warm welcome and said that his journey is based on peace activities and he will work to make the community live in peace and brotherhood with the people who live in Sool region.

He said that he also came to the region to make an effort to bring peace to the situation in Las Anod, and his community would play a major role in restoring peace.

Before reaching the Sool region, the Garaad have been working for a while to facilitate peacekeeping activities in the region.


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