Government Donates Water Irrigation Pumps To Farmers In Sanaag Region



Farmers in Sanaag province on Monday received a generous donation of water pumps  and farming equipment from the ministry of agriculture development. The minister of agriculture, Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed is currently on working visit to Erigavo, Sanaag’s regional capital. The farmers were given 60 water pumps and irrigation kits which will guarantee food and nutritional security for rural households, by considerably boosting the country’s agricultural output.  Turkish Cooperation & Coordination Agency (TIKA), provided the donation which the ministry of agri handed over. The farming communities in Sanaag province will be the first farmers who benefited from the donation of water pumps and irrigation pipes which will boost agricultural output across the nation. The minister, Ahmed Mumin Seed, said that due to financial constraints and the post Covid-19 pandemic that the ministry strove to provide the much needed equipment to the farmers.




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