House of National Assembly Passes supplementary budget requested by MOFD


The House of Representatives of the Republic of Somaliland has on Sunday, in its 44th session, approved by a majority vote a supplementary budget of 55.585 Billion Somaliland Shillings (Fifty-five Billion and Five Hundred and Eighty-Five Million). The amount is from the ending surplus balance of the national revenue the Ministry generated in 2019.

The supplement, which is the first ever submitted to the House of Representatives, will be used to cover the economic challenges, health problems and the decrease of productivity caused by the COVID-19 and locust.

According to Article 9, paragraph 1 and 2 of the National Financial Management Act No. 75/2016, for any extra revenue or expenditure that is not included in the previously approved budget, the Minister of Finance Development shall submit request for approval to the House of Representatives so that the amount could be utilized.

Considering the above legal provisions, the Minister has written a letter to the House of Representatives on August 17, 2020 requesting the expenditure of the supplementary budget and secured the approval of the House of Representatives on Sunday.

The supplementary budget will fill the gaps in the national budget of 2020 created by the impact of COVID 19 pandemic.

For more information, contact Public Relations and Information Department of MOFD-,, Whatsapp: +252-657729999, Tell: +2522-513856.



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