VP graces SOS Village awards giving ceremony for children raisers


In an event elaborately organized by the SOS Childrens Village, precisely the SOS Kindergaten Hargeisa, Somaliland to recognize and honour selfless women deeply indulged in welfare of destitute children, the organization acknowledged them with a “’Mother’s’ Ring of Honour Award” in paying homage to their steadfastness.

The VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail was the guest of honour who graced the occasion where 10 mothers in rendering services of the hard tasks of raising children at the centre for over a whole decade, were recognized.

The VP took the opportunity to hail all single mothers who similarly took charge of the difficult chores.

He observed that the difficulties of such tasks was even more marked  in Somaliland community setting given that the main bulk of such duties are left for the women folk. He termed them the most resilient women-folk while charging that the men-folk mostly chewed khat and spent most of their times bickering in retrogressive tribal matters.

He, on line note, gave an example of himself saying that for the past 25 years he has indulged in politics he left the onerous duty of raising his eight children to their mother.

The recipients of the awards for the services were awarded certificates of recognition and golden tokens hence assured that their future and welfare at the center was guaranteed.

The event, which took place at the SOS Children’s Village in Hargeisa, was attended by various officials, heads of the organization and other dignitaries.

He thanked the organization for their constant and selfless stand by the side of the plight of the needy eking in for their livelihood.

He chided the male gender for not living up to their expectations in as far as joint parenthood was concerned.

A senior official of the SOS organization said that it is committed to encouraging women who work in the field of raising children without parental care.

Recipient Anab Omar thanked the SOS organization for the incentives and awards saying that they gave her feel emotionally fulfilled by seeing that their efforts were indeed worthwhile and appreciated.

The SOS Kindergarten in Somaliland is a fundamental building block for the early development needs including, intellectual and social skills for children catering for 100 to 130 students.

Its Medical Centres provide quality health care to the children in their care, their staff, their staffs’ family as well as people in the surrounding community that has seen up to 9517 patients benefitting from its services.

The SOS Social Centres are 4 in Somaliland with 921 beneficiaries aim is to help families, in particular women and children, living in communities neighbouring the SOS Children’s Villages to gradually escape from poverty, and to help young people become self-reliant.

It provides loving homes to 119 orphaned and abandoned children.


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