Somalland president reshuffles cabinet



Somaliland President His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi reshuffled his cabinet on Sunday, sacking ministers and announcing new appointments, an official statement from the presidency said.

The President has sacked the minister of education, Osman Adan Jama.

He also dismissed the minister for planning, Abdirahim Osman Haji Abdi Shibin.

The minister for justice has also been axed in the reshuffle, Mr. Abdirisak Ali Abdi Salah.

Deputies for planning and finance minister sacked, Mr. Husein Ibrahim Hassan Buuni and Abdikadir Mohamud Mohumed Warsame respectively 

No Name Reshuffles
1. Hassan MOhamed  Ali Gaafaadhi The minister for national planning & development.
2. Ahmed Mohamed Dirie Ege The new minister of education and science
3. Said Sulub Mohamed Hussein Ministry for livestock and Marine Resources
4. Sulieman Yusuf Ali Koore The minister of Information
5. Mohamed Muse Dirie Wa’ays minister for water affairs
6. Mustafe Mohamud Ali Bile Justice Minister
7. Liiban Yusuf Osman Husien deputy minister for foreign affairs
8. Abdikadir Omar Jama deputy planning minister
9. Mahdi Abdillahi Osman Mohamed deputy health minister
10. Muse Ibrahim Yusuf Salaf Assistant minister for finance
11. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse Presidential adviser on election affairs



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