Somaliland:Trio Sana’s Frankincense May Promote Good Oral Health



People use frankincense, an essential oil, for many different health concerns – even oral well-being.

The substance dates back thousands of years. The New Testament even says it was given to baby Jesus by one of the Three Wise Men. There is also textual proof that people used frankincense for medicinal purposes.

Trio Sana’s Certified NOP Organic Frankincense Boswellia Carterii from Somaliland is a high-quality essential oil. Recent research suggests that frankincense may help individuals with arthritis as well as improve digestion.

But there are studies that now suggest frankincense may help improve oral health.

“Frankincense is one of the most essential of the essential oils,” said Peter Cobain, co-founder of Trio Sana, a United Kingdom-based company. “It has often been used for medicinal, cosmetic, aromatic and spiritual purposes.”

“Today, people use frankincense for its powerful therapeutic properties to maintain and restore balance to the body and spirit,” Cobain added.

He said research comes out often with new ways the oil may be useful. One test-tube study shows that frankincense extract was effective against a bacteria which causes gum disease. Another study gave frankincense gum to high school students with gingivitis. After two weeks, the students who used the gum reduced gingivitis more than the placebo.

In 2019, Trio Sana will introduce an organic frankincense essential oil to the American market along with two other nutritional supplements – Kollagenix-Sport and Kollagenix-R.

Trio Sana’s two other nutritional supplements are:

Kollagenix-Sport, which was developed using Trio Sana’s Natural Nutrient Combination Therapy (NNCT) technique. This process combines marine collagen with the three vital nutrients for the joints and muscles to work synergistically together which maximizes their effectiveness in injury prevention and improves recovery time.
Kollagenix-R, which also employs NNCT, uses marine collagen and combines it with 13 anti-aging vitamins to create a supplement that helps slow down the effects of the visible aging process by ensuring that the “reserve collagen pool” is maintained.
“There is a reason frankincense is called an essential oil,” Cobain said. “We believe in its therapeutic benefits. There is more clinical research coming out that backs us up.”

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