Somaliland: President Bihi Reshuffles Diplomats sacking its UK representative



Somaliland President  has approved a decree reshuffling key ambassadorial posts at the Foreign Ministry, including postings to the UK, Norway , Germany , and Saudi Arabia as well as Yemen. The President has informed the Foreign Affairs Minister about the sweeping changes on the country’s top foreign representatives.

No Name Appointed 
1. Abdi Abdillaahi Hirsi Mohamed Somaliland Representative to the UK
2. Salaan Hasan Kayd Abdille Somaliland Representative to the EU
3. Yusuf Mohamed Gulied Bodhle Head of Somaliland Liaison Office to Ethiopia
4. Mohamed Mohamud Adan Samatar SL representative to the Norway
5. Ahmed Jama Hasan Shire SL representative to South Africa
6. Mustafe Yusuf Ismail Ali Head of SL liaison office to Germany
7. Ali Ahmed Osman Head of Liaison Office to Saudi Arabia
8. Ahmed Ali Salad Mohamed SL representative to Yemen
9. Barkad Mohamud Kariye Samatar Deputy head of liaison office to Ethiopia


No Name Dismissed
1. Mohamud Abdi Da’ar Somaliland representative to EU
2. Ayan Mohamud Ashur Somaliland representative to the UK
3. Sulub Warsame Husein SL head of liaison office to Norway
4. Abdala Muse Ahmed SL representative to Saudi Arabia
5. Ali Mohamed Ahmed former SL representative to Yemen




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