Somaliland Ministry of Transport suspends employee for misusing Ministry’s Facebook page


Somaliland transport and roads development has confirmed that the ministry has suspended an employee after he posted on its facebook page on what they call unethical posts.

This refers to a sensationalizing the recent remarks by the minister regarding the demands from Awdal province who are demanding more equal representation in the parliament.

The Director General of the ministry of transport, Sayid Omar Abdilahi has officially apologized to the public for recent posts on the ministry’s facebook page.

The Director General has described the posts unethical.

The ministry officials have stated that they have suspended the employee who posted these controversial posts on their page citing the civil service code of conduct.

The ministry of transport accused Ismail Ali Ahmed of breaking the code of ethics of the government as well as that of the ministry.

They have also directed him to hand over the office and management of social media platform of the ministry.

This controversial posts of the transport ministry went on viral on social media including a response post to a female citizen telling her that she should not blame the accidents on the rise in a language considered offensive by many people.


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