Somaliland ministers contract COVID-19


Somaliland  announced that two ministers have tested positive for coronavirus.

Health ministry in the region announced they had registered 26 new infections in the previous 24 hours bringing the total confirmed cases to 358.

The ministry also said 48 patients have so far recovered from the disease and a total of 22 people have succumbed to it since its outbreak in the region.

Somaliland minister of investment Mohamed Ahmed (Awad) said he is one of the two ministers who tested positive for the disease.

The minister announced his infection in a post published on Twitter on Monday.

“I have tested positive for the disease after showing mild symptoms, my condition is stable and I don’t feel any pain,” said on twitter.


Mohamed Ahmed (Awad)
Waxaan sameeyey Baadhitaanka caabuqa Covid19, jawaabtuna positive bay noqotay Xaaladayduna way fiican tahay. Wax xanuun ah oo aan dareemaya ma jirto #Somaliland #COVID19


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