Somaliland Government Shuts Down Private TV Station



Somaliland govt has shut down a private TV station on Friday, after it broadcast a report on women having a khat session.

Security forces have raided Horyaal24 TV station and staffers working there have been ordered to vacate the main office.

The Criminal Investigation Department in Somaliland has issued an arrest warrant for the publisher of Horyaal24, Mr. Mohamed Osman Mire a.k.a. Sayid.

This is the second time that the gov closed down the independent TV station.

It was accused earlier that it broadcast programs that were staunchly against the statehood of Somaliland.

Media association have voiced their concern over the number of media outlets that the gov led by president Bihi has halted its operations in Somaliland.

Many experts have alleged the govt’s intention is to muzzle the freedom of the press which is enshrined in the country’s national constitution.

The govt is accused of taking actions which is to shut down media houses as the last resort.





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