Somaliland: Government Expands JPLG program


The Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed yesterday announced that the government will commence a new face of the decentralization program with the domestic planning implementation and funding.

He said this program will be equivalent of UN sponsored JPLG for decentralization and local governance.

The minister stated the program is for districts that were not part of now ending UN funded JPLG project.

The minister disclosed that the government led expansion of the JPLG will start in Lasanod, Erigavo and Aynabo.

“Somaliland government has made up the decision to initiate government led expansion of the JPLG. In the first phase the program will be carried out in Lasanod, Erigavo and Aynabo townships. It will be implemented through a plan and fund allocated by the government of Somaliland.”

The minister said that the interior ministry will lead the program and hoped that it will more productive than its UN led predecessor. The now JPLG program was implemented in Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, Gebiley, Oodweyne and Sheikh Towns.

However, the program came under fire for it was concentrated on western part of the country.

The move is seen as a response to that criticism with a focus of attention now on the eastern part of Somaliland.


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