Somaliland: Finance Ministry Organizes two-day Workshop for taxpayers



Finance ministry has launched a two day workshop to increase the knowledge of the business community in the field of taxation.

Tax benefits can come in a wide range of forms and may be now by a variety of names.

Policy makers in most countries face a fundamental challenge motivating tax payers to provide the funds required and some of them give awareness much about taxation for the public.

SL ministry of finance has organized a two day workshop for the taxpayers to improve the awareness and understanding of the business community in the field of taxation.

The ministry picked up 25 tax payers to inform the training.

The workshop instructor explained in depth the advantages of taxation for contributing to the national budget.

Ahmed Abdi Ali, one of the instructors said that the main purpose of the training is to be a helpful guideline for the tax payers.

The beneficiers have strongly appreciated the workshop and said that they are committed to follow these guidelines given as well as lauded the ministry for organizing such seminar for them.


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