Somaliland company launches online education platform


Somaliland’s telecommunication firm, Telesom, launched an online education platform to assist the education sector to cope with school closures because of the coronavirus.

The platform named Tabsera, i.e Enlightening, will enable students to take lessons and avoid interruption during the school closure.

It was launched at an event attended by the ministers of telecommunications and education, heads of schools, universities and other government officials.

Abdulkarim Mohamed Iid, the CEO of Telesom said the platform is a pilot and may need adjustments along the way. He revealed that the company was working on the platform for the past year.

Ahmed Mohamed Dirie, the minister of education, said the platform resolves a big problem for them and relieved them from a huge burden.

Abdiwali Sheikh Abdillahi Sufi, the minister of telecommunication commended Telesom for its innovative solution.

Somaliland has not reported any Coronavirus cases so far. However, the government has taken measures to prevent an outbreak as the global death toll of the virus mounts. it includes last week’s decision to suspend all schools, universities for a month.

This program is posed to help with cope with the unexpected interruption of education in the middle of academic year. However, scaling it for all students remains the challenge as many students do not have access to internet at home.


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