Somalia’s Government Imposes night-time curfew in Mogadishu to curb the spread of Covid-19


Curfew to get effective on Wednesday for 15 days, says Police Chief

MOGADISHU—Somalia on Sunday has announced imposing a night-time curfew in Mogadishu which will last a period of 15 days, starting from Wednesday, as part of efforts to slow down the spread of the deadly Covid-19. This was disclosed by Somalia’s Police Commissioner, General Abdi Hassan Mohamed alias Hajar.

The police boss has said that in order to save the public from the risk of the Covid-19, the government of Somalia has decided to implement a fifteen-day curfew from Wednesday, April 15. The night curfew will be in place from 8 pm to 5 am local time, as part of measures to control the spread of Covid-19. He said that the curfew will affect the movement of the public, traffic, and trade. Stalls selling dried foods, hospitals and chemists will be exempt from the night time curfew.

The police chief has revealed that the government will review the situation in a bid to lift the curfew. He appealed the public to comply with the night time curfew in an attempt to save the public from the deadly Covid-19. He ordered security forces to assist people with emergency cases to have access to health centers in order to receive medical attention. The number of confirmed cases of Covid 19 has increased in Somalia and jumped to 25.


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