Somalian President Launches 1 million text books for Primary schools



President Mohamed Farmajo, on Saturday, has officially launched 1 million books printed locally for primary schools  as the gov’t strives to standardize and reform the education sector.

The President has noted that the 1 million students books along with teachers’ guide will enhance the learning and teaching process in Somalia.
300, 000 students from 915 schools are due to benefit from the distribution of the text books.
The government is currently in charge of 24 public schools carrying 65, 000 students.
Once Somalia’s central government collapsed in 1991, private organizations used to run such schools.
Somalian President retaliated that human development is all about providing quality education and how many children are educated.
He pledged that the gov’t will proceed with its reforms by expanding access to education and no child will be left behind.
Farmajo has promised that the gov’t is determined to make education affordable to all.


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