Somalia: A functioning state needs rule of law (and law enforcement)




Courts are places where justice is meant to be made.

In every country a functioning court system is key to making sure the rights of citizens are upheld, as this links up to the concept of equality in society and because it influences the level of stability in society.

A functioning state needs law enforcement. Somalia is no exception.

This is why EUCAP Somalia Rule of Law Advisory Unit is focusing on enhancing the capacity of the whole chain dealing with offences, “from crime to court”.

This means enhancing the cooperation between the police, prosecution and court sectors.

At present, support is given to Somali partners working in the judiciary to build their capacity in handling cases, particularly maritime related cases. Human Rights and Gender Based violence are other areas of almost daily engagement.

EUCAP Somalia has funded an internship program aimed at strengthening skills of young Somalis studying to build careers in the judiciary, including objective thinking, judicial writing, reporting.

The Mission has also supported the refurbishment of the courts offices with furniture, bookshelves, tables and chairs.  These are aspects often taken for granted. Operating with very little at your disposal shows the measure of the commitment Somali officers working in the judiciary put in their work on a daily basis.



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