Somali rights group flays NYT report; lauds Qatar’s positive role


A leading Somali human rights group has strongly criticised an attempt by vested interests to blame Qatar for an attack in Bossasso, Puntland and cautioned the Somali people to be wary of external forces who want to inflame conflicts among them.

Referring to a report published by the New York Times recently, the National Alliance for Human Rights Organisations in Somalia (NAHRS) urged the Somali people to be vigilant about fresh attempts by external powers in subverting Somalia’s fragile peace and stability.

NAHRS is an umbrella body of 28 human rights organisations operating in the regions of Somalia.

In a statement issued on Thursday, NAHRS said the article published by New York Times about the terrorist attack in Bossasso, took the Somali nation by surprise and they saw the report as an attempt by individuals who have been busy playing the blame game to settle scores with their political opponents.

NAHRS said it considers the claim that the attack in Bossasso, which targeted UAE investments, was conspired, funded or organised by representatives acting on behalf of the State of Qatar, is completely unreasonable and ridiculous; and one that does not merit any credibility.

“This claim is an unalloyed effort to essentially take the ensuing Gulf conflict to Somali regions and make Somalia a battlefield, coupled by horrific suffering and human rights violations of Somali

people. It is a naked attempt to inflame bloodstained conflicts among Somalis and drive a wedge between politicians.

Recognising Qatar’s positive role, the rights body said: “The people of Somalia strongly appreciate the peculiar role Qatar has been playing in bringing Somalis together to spread peace, reconciliation and coexistence.

“Qatar has a strong record of assisting Somalis in need, and Qatari organisations are actively responding to humanitarian crises and developmental needs of Somalia. Qatar has also played a leading role through its generous funding for the implementation of infrastructure projects and peace-building work.

“Through its example and its organising function, Qatar is moreover galvanising other nations to participate in coordinated action for inclusive economic development, including through vital international pledging conferences for Somalia.”



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