Race for Speakership post of SL’s House of National Assembly heats Up



SL’s ruling Party-Kulmiye and a defected camp from the opposition party UCID made a formal public statement on a new political alliance for the speakership of the race for the house of reps.

The two sides have endorsed Yasin Mohmud Faraton, the ex-SL FM to run for the house speaker while Saed Mire Farah will contest the first deputy speaker.

They chose Abdi Nasir Qodah who has long been the right hand of the chairman of Justice & Welfare party to contest the second deputy speaker of the house.

Opposition parties secured majority of the seats in the recently concluded parliamentary elections in Somaliland and promised to grab the house of reps speakership.

Wadani and UCID previously joined forces and threw their weight behind Abdirisak Khalif for the chairman of the house of reps.



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