Presidents of Eritrea, Somalia Arrive in Ethiopia for Trilateral Consultations




Addis Ababa October 09/2018 Eritrea’s President Isayas Afeworki and Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi today arrived in Gondar, northern Ethiopia for trilateral consultations.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is in Gondar discussing with the local community has welcomed the presidents upon their arrival at Atse Tewodros Airport in Gondar.

During their stay in Gondar, which is home to the Fasil Ghibi, one of Ethiopia’s world heritage sites, the leaders are expected to visit the various historical sites.

The fortress-city of Fasil Ghebi was the residence of the Ethiopian emperor Fasilides and his successors.

Surrounded by a 900-m-long wall, the city contains palaces, churches, monasteries and unique public and private buildings.

Following their visit, the leaders will travel to Bahir Dar, to hold trilateral discussions that aimed to consolidate ties among the horn African countries.

Establishing strong economic integration, ensuring peace and stability, as well as promoting people-to-people relation in the region are high in the agenda.

This meeting is a follow up to the previous discussion that the leaders of the three countries have conducted in September in Mogadishu.

During their September meeting, the leaders had an agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation that aimed at overall ties.

Their meeting in Bahir Dar is expected to cement ties and advance efforts towards building a more stable region.



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