President Bihi scraps UAE deals as Somaliland is welcoming the Arrival of China



The influence of China in the Horn of Africa is growing by leaps and bounds. The arrival of China in the Horn led President Ismail Omar Gueleh of Djibouti to invite Somaliland counterpart H.E Musa Bihi Abdi to begin three day working visit to Djibouti. Somaliland President and his delegation wrapped a three day working visit to Djibouti whereby he toured investment projects that China is carrying out in Djibouti.

Mr. Bihi visited Djibouti Free-zone compound, Arta water dam and the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway which all of them were invested by China. President Bihi said after the tour that Djibouti is making a huge progress. He aslo siad that the peace and security in Djibouti paved the way for the ongoing progress. Somaliland President has told that the vision that Djibouti has put in place is to serve millions of people around the world. Djibouti, UAE bilateral ties strained and Ismail showed that the UAE cannot fulfill the investment deals that it inked with Somaliland.

According to reports, President Bihi saw with his eyes that China is now the biggest player in the Horn and is about to replace the UAE. He was advised to revoke UAE deals and sign agreements with the Chinese govt. The president announced a couple of days that he terminated the UAE military airbase whereby Berbera airport will be one used for civilian purposes. An agreement that will be signed between China and Somaliland is coming and will be facilitated by Djibouti president. President Ismail feared due to reports that insurgents against Djibouti will be based in Somaliland with the backing of Eritrea. This was also part of the discussions between the two leaders during the high level meeting in Djibouti. Finally, Djibouti has made the decision to host the stalled talks between Somaliland and Somalia. The Djibouti leader has also pledged to play the lions share as leader to bring Somalian leader and Somaliland counterpart for talks to resume in Djibouti.

 Source: Somalilandstandard


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