Locust Swarms in Awdal and Sahil regions in Somaliland



Minister of Agricultural development Hon. Ahmed Mumin Sed announced locust swarms some agricultural areas in Awdal and Sahil regions.

Minister told the media they receive a news about locust swarms “Yesterday we receive information about swarmed locust and he come from gollis mountain’s and flied over Dooxa Guban and Laforuug district (Eestern Sahil Region), also people saw Lughaya district that is under Awdal region, mostly agricultural area locust saw is produce more production of the agriculture of the country”.

Minister give people a recommendation about ways to prevent mechanically swarm locust for damage of their farm and he said “I recommend farmers to prevent mechanically before we get best ways to fight and they can try to burn something more smoke like tire”

Ministry of Agricultural Development Somaliland


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