Kulmiye ruling party concludes crucial election campaign in Somaliland


Ruling Kulmiye party held its second and last day of Somaliland’s election campaign. The supporters of the governing party has turned out in droves across the country. Throngs of party supporters waving flags and banners with the supporters favorite candidates have marched the streets to show their support. The Head of State who is also the Chairman of ruling party travelled to the eastern provinces of Somaliland where he participated a colorful rally held at Buroa freedom party. The incumbent SL president addressed the supporters by telling them to cast their votes to Kulmiye candidates. He said: ” We came here in Buroa to extend a huge support to Kulmiye candidates for local council and house of representative members. Everyone should throw their weight behind to the best of our ability. Our support is to campaign for them and that is why we crisscrossed the country. I am fully aware that we are all great supporters and just wanted to remind you all that we should not miss any vote from you on 31st of May. You should turn out in droves on election Day. The President has commiserated the death of well known comedian and actor who succumbed due to the complications of Covid-19. He said that it was a tragic loss for Somali speaking territories. Kulmiye ruling party has been in the helm for the last decade following the unseating the former SL president Dahir Rayale Kahin in 2010 presidential polls. The party is quite hopeful that it will secure the majority seats of the local councils and house of national assembly.


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