GSK spokesman brushes aside the baseless claims by Somaliland’s presidential press secretary




HARGEISA– GSK Holding spokesperson, Mr. Ahmed Ali Nur has repudiated the allegations that the presidential press secretary on Thursday leveled against the firm owner, Mr. Ahmed Osman Geele. The spokesman has denied the accusations by saying that instead Mr. Ahmed Osman was the duped. He put the blame of Somaliland senior government officials are in cahoots with Djibouti conspiracy against Mr. Ahmed Osman Geele. He added that Mr. Geele’s property in Djibouti have been confiscated by the government of Djibouti and the wealth have been portioned. Mr. Ahmed has brushed aside the baseless accusations that Mr. Ahmed Osman Geele has bribed the traditional elders to incite unrest in Somaliland.


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