Gov’t Working to Reassess if aid reached to cyclone saga hit communities in Somaliland


HARGEISA– The government, particularly the National Disaster Preparedness & Food Storage Authority has launched a meeting aimed at assessing if relief aid have reached to cyclone Saga impacted communities. The storm which hit the coastal regions in Somaliland earlier this year left behind widespread destruction. According to the authority announced that the cyclone Saga affected 90, 000 people where majority lived in rural areas. In the aftermath of cyclone Saga it has demolished 1, 459 homes and claimed the lives of 56 people. Government ministers, local and international agencies and officials from the (DPFSA) attended the gathering.

The chairman of disaster agency, Hon. Faisal Ali Sheikh has talked about the gist behind holding this high level meeting which is aimed at re-assessing if aid has gotten to the intended targets and also thanked the attendees for coming. The post cyclone saga assessment is intended to see their accomplishment and to recognize the unfinished business as far as cyclone hit communities are concerned. The chairman has commended the Head of State and his government in taking a lions share when it comes to responding to saga hit communities in Somaliland. The water affairs minister, Hon. Sulieman Ali Koore has said that he is delighted in the way the gov’t has responded to the the storm.



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