Govt ‘expels’ Turkish FETO NGO from Somaliland



HARGEISA– The Somaliland government has shut down operations of Fethullah Gulen organization and ordered to leave the country.

Turkish ambassador to Somalia who paid an official courtesy call to Hargeisa, Somaliland capital expressed thanks to Somaliland authority for kicking out FETO organization from her country and also held discussions with Somaliland leader.

We welcome the decision reached by Somaliland in which it expelled FETO organization from her territory and its operations was taken over by Ma’arif Foundation all schools run by Feto around the world said the Turkish ambassador to Somalia, Hon. Mehmet Yilmaz.

The Turkish government labelled Fethullah Gulen organization as a terrorist after the aborted coup in Turkey.

Mr. Mehmet did not offer details when Somaliland kicked out FETO from its territory but the ambassador stated the expulsion of Feto from Somaliland during the donation of 216 medical supplies that TIKA handed over to Hargeisa General Hospital.

The donated items include laboratories and heart diagnosis machines.

The minister responsible for health development for Somaliland. Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf during remarks at the handing over ceremony said that the donated medical supplies from Turkey would improve the quality of healthcare.

Mr. Mehmet, Turkish ambassador to Somalia has expressed his country’s commitment to continue offering aid to Somaliland.

The previous government led by Silanyo refused to kick out Nile Academy, which was a Turkish Somaliland based organization that was in charge of running schools in Somaliland.



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