Government quells fraternal Ali-sahid skirmishes


The government of Somaliland has ended the conflict in Ali Sahid area of Togdeer region that was between the fraternal communities living in that area, on Wednesday.

In the city of Burao, a meeting was held in which 50 members from the communities involved in the skirmishes in the Ali Sahid area of the Togdeer region were sworn an oath of maintaining and safeguarding peaceful stability.

It was recently when the violence caused death and injury in the Ali Sahid area in the forest of Togdeer region between brotherly communities. Scholars and intellectuals and MPs from the two Houses of the Senate and Representatives, to mediate between the two brotherly communities.

The meeting ended the clashes with terms of the agreement  put in place for both parties to sign, and 25 members were sworn in on each side.


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